P3 Qocoa (Chocolate Malt Drink)

Product Description

Drink Qocoa and Be Healthy

Qocoa Chocolte Malt Drink is a unique blend of highest quality cocoa bean roasted with delicious intensity mellowed by a touch of creamy nutritious chocolate malt feel.

Delicately brewed with the touch of low calorie sweetener (Nanosweeta) and non dairy creamer our blend of Qocoa Chocolate Malt delivers the equisite freshness of full bodied cocoa aroma with convenient, bold, authentic cocoa malt drink experience.

With the benefit of our non-sugar added, hi-calcium vitamin enriched Chocolate Malt Drink promotes the goodness of a healthy lifestyle.

Product Weight: 390 g
Product Dimension: 13.5 x 9 x 18.2 cm
Product Barcode No: 9555784900141